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So.. what is the perfect cup of coffee?.. for me it’s a medium dark espresso with a chocolate/caramel smooth edge and just a hint of fruit. It must be easy to drink as an espresso, with a little bitterness yet strong enough for a key base of your lattes/cappuccinos and americanos.

John SpandleyFounder
What are we offereing

Fresh coffee beans delivered to your door

All coffee beans used by God Save The Bean Coffee Company can be purchased and delivered straight to your front door. We are delighted to offer our awesome coffee beans to all our customers to now enjoy a proper good coffee at home.

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What we do


God Save The Bean Coffee Company are able to attend a variety of events, serving freshly brewed coffee, crafted with style, across the Country, catering for all different needs. We are able to attend events of all sizes and themes.

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