About God Save the Bean

God Save The Bean Coffee Company rocked onto the scene in 2017. From day 1 we have used our passion for good quality coffee to bring a fun, exciting, yet professional style to the coffee business. We are proud to work with local roasters, and ensure we have that perfect coffee bean for all our customers.

Who is God Save The Bean I hear you ask?

God Save The Bean is John! When John started GSTB it was with the intention to source, prepare and serve a high quality cup of coffee, wherever it was wanted or needed, and most importantly, for a reasonable price.

John is knowledgeable and professional when it comes to coffee and ensures each coffee is made to a high standard and to the customers requirements. 

So.. what is the perfect cup of coffee?.. for John it’s a medium dark espresso with a chocolate/caramel smooth edge and just a hint of fruit. It must be easy to drink as an espresso, with a little bitterness yet strong enough for a key base of your lattes/cappuccinos and americanos.

God Save The Bean Coffee Company are able to attend a variety of events, serving freshly brewed coffee, crafted with style, across the Country, catering for all different needs. We are able to attend events of all sizes and themes. Past events we have crafted our coffee at included festivals, bike races, fairs, Christmas markets and many more. We are also able to offer packages for weddings and parties. Our awesome bean machine has a full barista set up and we are able to offer all coffees from espressos to lattes. For all our fellow coffee lovers, we ensure at every event we have a variety of milk alternatives for your favourite coffee, these can be coconut, almond, oat or soya.

We understand not everyone is a fan of coffee, so, we ensure for every event we offer something for everyone! We are especially proud of our special hot chocolates! These are a real favourite at all our events, and we can adapt the name of them to suit each event individually. We offer seasonal specials (iced tea, spiced apple etc.), a variety of teas, selection of cold drinks, and, of course… we always have a variety of cakes and snacks to accompany your favourite beverage.

God Save The Bean Coffee Company provide a full coffee service from freshly roasted beans for at home to freshly brewed coffee at any event and always crafted with style!

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